Accept credit card payments within the WebPT EMR.

Streamline patient payments and collections for a hassle-free workflow with WebPT Integrated Payments.

WebPT Integrated Payments makes accepting accept credit card payments and payment reconciliation easy.

With WebPT Integrated Payments, you can:

  • Integrate payments into your workflow. Easily accept payments directly from the scheduler or the patient chart within the WebPT EMR. Now you'll have the ability to run a credit card when you check a patient in—or at any point—providing a hassle-free workflow and more time to treat patients.

  • Save cards on file. Easily and securely save a credit card for future charges—such as co-pays, deductibles, products—without the need to have the physical card present.

  • Save time reconciling payments. Patient payments flow directly into many billing solutions—such as Therabill.

  • Receive competitive rates. Straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing without monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees, or other hidden fees—ever. We’ll even include a free credit card processing device.

Integrate patient payments into WebPT.

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