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WebPT + Outcomes is the rehab therapy industry’s only EMR with built-in outcomes tracking and reporting.

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Serve a Wide Array of Patient Populations

WebPT Outcomes includes the following widely accepted outcome measurement tools:

  • Upper Extremity Quick DASH
  • Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS)
  • Modified Oswestry Low Back Pain
  • Neck Disability Index
  • Dizziness Handicap Inventory
  • Hip Disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (HOOS)
  • Knee Injury Osteoarthritis Outcomes Score (KOOS)
  • Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (MFES)
  • Bates-Jensen Wound Assessment Tool (BWAT)
  • Berg Balance Scale
  • Foot and Ankle Ability Measure - Sports Subscale
  • Lymphedema Life Impact Scale (v2)
  • Pelvic Floor Distress Inventory (Short Form 20)

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Leverage WebPT Outcomes to:

Compare performance nationally.
See how your organization stacks up to similar practices across the country using clinical benchmarks derived from the nation’s largest repository of rehab therapy patient outcomes data. 

Market your clinic more effectively.
Identify the treatment areas in which your practice excels. Then, create data-focused messaging to more effectively market to your ideal patients and referral sources. Plus, leverage your data to negotiate for better payer reimbursement rates. 

Improve patient care.
Easily monitor performance at the therapist, clinic, and company levels using WebPT’s diverse library of evidence-based, industry-accepted tests. Manage care quality based on clinical strengths and weaknesses, and create evidence-based patient care paths organized by anatomical group, diagnosis, or patient acuity level.

Save time by automating patient outcome intake.
Have patients complete questionnaires before their appointments using one of three easy collection methods: an in-office tablet or mobile device, paper forms, or email. Therapists can then focus more on their patients—rather than paperwork—during treatment time.    

“WebPT Outcomes helps us identify areas of strength and opportunity at both the clinic and therapist level. Therapists with strong scores can then provide internal training or mentorship to others, which allows us to continually improve our overall outcomes. In fact, we have seen a 10% increase in patient satisfaction scores—and that is a direct result of WebPT Outcomes.”

Jey PontiPT, Owner
Professional Therapy Associates
“WebPT Outcomes works great, and it helped me go back to insurance companies and renegotiate reimbursements.”

Richard HoffmanPresident, 
MedDiagnostics Rehab