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Own Your Data—and Your Destiny

Improve clinical performance and patient care with WebPT Outcomes, the only built-in patient outcomes tracking tool for rehab therapists.

Use the power of outcomes data to benefit your business and patient care.

  • Collect the right data. Access a diverse library of evidence-based, industry-accepted tests, and collect outcomes digitally before, after, or during appointments.

  • Enhance patient care. Collect and track patient feedback to manage care quality on a per-therapist, per-clinic, and per-company level.

  • Improve clinic productivity. Identify trends in patient care and make adjustments to improve therapist effectiveness and clinic efficiency.

  • See how you stack up. Monitor overall clinic and company performance metrics, and compare those numbers with national averages.

  • Streamline MIPS reporting. WebPT Outcomes now comes bundled with the MIPS reporting package—allowing you to complete all of your MIPS reporting in one place.

“WebPT Outcomes works great, and it helped me go back to insurance companies and renegotiate reimbursements.”

Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman
President, MedDiagnostics Rehab