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Get paid faster when you pair WebPT’s web-based documentation with our integrated billing software.

Simplify your billing processes with WebPT Billing.

  • Reduce claim errors. All of your billing information automatically transfers from your documentation to your billing sheet—so you never have to worry about entering the wrong code or wasting time on double data-entry.
  • Drive profits. WebPT offers HIPAA-compliant systems; real-time analytics; patient invoicing and billing; and secure patient portals. No more chasing down data, claim statuses, or payments.
  • Save time. Go beyond merely streamlining your clinic’s billing process. With us, you get super simple and user-friendly billing interfaces, detailed activity logs, and one invoice from one company.

Take your practice to the next level with WebPT EMR.

  • Document and access patient records anywhere, anytime, from any Internet-enabled device.
  • Efficiently schedule appointments and manage calendars.
  • Boost your marketing and insurance rate negotiation efforts with built-in Outcomes tracking and reporting.
  • Reduce no-shows by 30% with automated appointment reminders.
  • Ensure your clinic is HIPAA and Medicare compliant.
  • Save 35% on the clinical supplies you already buy.
  • Pay month-to-month with no contracts.

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Say goodbye to claim errors. When you’ve got the integrated power of WebPT + Billing, you can kiss double data-entry goodbye, because all your billing information automatically transfers from your documentation to your billing solution.

Pump up your bottom line. WebPT’s billing software allows you to keep the biller you love and ditch the time-wasting processes you hate. Our software is user-friendly and straightforward, with everything you need to bill in-house—all at an affordable price point:

$99 monthly per rendering provider

Best of all? You’ll put more time back in your schedule to spend on what matters most—helping patients.

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Get cash-flow you can count on. Your practice’s financial health hinges on clean claims. Because WebPT seamlessly connects your documentation, scheduling, and billing, you can ensure correct, timely claim submission—and that means consistent cash flow.

Track important billing metrics in real time. You can’t measure what you don’t track. That’s why WebPT offers transparent, secure, real-time access to more than 150 daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Gain a true billing partner. Our implementation team will get you up and running fast—and minimize disruption to your workflow—with our free, customized training package. Plus, your WebPT Membership includes unlimited support at no extra cost.

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