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To some rehab therapists, the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is old hat. (Or, at least it’s not-nearly-as-new-as-it-was-three-years-ago hat.) But to many more therapists, MIPS is unfamiliar—and intimidating—territory. The massive Medicare payment program undergoes annual rule-changes and updates that rewrite the script for returning participants, making it difficult to settle into a regular reporting rhythm.

Whether you’re a therapist who’s looking to participate in MIPS for the first time or you’re returning to the ring and need a run-down of what’s new, this guide is for you! We created a digestible—yet comprehensive—guide specifically to help rehab therapists succeed in the program. And it’s explained in a way that actually makes sense. If knowledge is power, then this is (for all intents and purposes) an arsenal.

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If knowledge is power, then this is an arsenal.

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