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Strive Labs is Now WebPT

StriveHub Reach and StriveHub Prescribe are now WebPT Reach and WebPT HEP, and we’ve added a lot of improvements and new features to both products.

In 2017, Strive Labs became part of the WebPT family, and together, we embarked on a mission to help rehab therapists obtain new patients, retain existing ones, and get all of them better, faster. Since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to not only make incredible products, but also unify our companies.

To that end, we’re excited to announce that Strive Labs is now WebPT.

So, what does that mean? 

Today, we’re relaunching StriveHub Reach and StriveHub Prescribe as WebPT Reach and WebPT HEP. Additionally, we’re bringing some highly requested features to the platform—but I’ll get to that in a bit. 

First, I want to note a few key things:

  • The team behind Reach and HEP will remain the same. Our stellar crew isn’t going anywhere, which means you’ll receive the same great service and support you’ve always had. 
    1. That said, our Strive Labs crew are now WebPTers, so they’ll all have WebPT email addresses. (Their Strive Labs emails will work for a little while, but as you interact with our team, they’ll switch those interactions over to their WebPT email addresses.) Additionally, you’ll email reachsupport@webpt.com for help requests.
  • The way you log in to Reach has changed. You will now log in at https://reach.webpt.com. (Please bookmark this link.) 
    1. When you visit this link for the first time, you’ll first need to indicate whether or not you use the WebPT EMR. (As a Strive Labs Member, you most likely do not use the WebPT EMR.) 
    2. Once you make your selection, you can choose “Remember my choice,” so you don’t land on this initial page again. 
    3. After you submit your selection, you’ll be redirected to the WebPT Reach login page. You can then log in to WebPT Reach using your Strive Labs username and password.
  • We’ll support our Members, regardless of what EMR they use. The Reach product will continue to integrate with the documentation system you currently use, and we’ll continue to support and maintain that integration. Our mission at WebPT is to help rehab therapists achieve greatness in practice. Nowhere in that statement does it say, “only if you use our EMR.” We’re true to that promise today and into the future, regardless of our brand name.

Okay, so what were those amazing features I hinted at above? Starting on June 3, you’ll see a few new things when you log in to the application:

On the Reach Side

You’ll notice a fresh coat of paint, as we’ve rebuilt user interfaces from the ground up. We’ve done this for speed and improved reporting. We’ve also added custom date range filters on every page of the application.

Additionally, we’re releasing a much-requested feature called Campaigns. With Campaigns, you can group your workflows by objective for better reporting and visibility. 

On the HEP Side

We’ve updated the navigation, improved patient search, and added the ability to text your patient his or her care plan from the printout page.

These HEP and Reach updates are included in your existing plan. We can’t wait to see what you think! 

New Releases

But that’s not all! We’re also releasing a new set of plans and features for Reach that we’re super excited to share with you today.

Text and In-App Messaging
With these two top-requested features, you can use Reach to send text messages to patients and push notifications to the StriveHub mobile app. 

Lead Management
Gone are the days of keeping track of your prospective patients (i.e., leads) and follow-up in a spreadsheet. Now, you can convert more prospects into patients by: 

  • Setting custom lead statuses
  • Assigning lead owners, and
  • Developing and maintaining streamlined lead management workflows.

Landing Pages
We couldn’t build a best-in-class lead management tool without also developing an incredible landing page builder! Now, you can craft custom landing pages for your practice directly in Reach. Then, watch as your leads automatically enter the system and flow directly into your lead management workflows. Our landing page tool also support powerful features like custom domain names, hidden form fields, and dynamic variables. 

New Packages

All of these new releases are available within our brand-new Reach Plus and Reach Premium packages, which include all legacy features, but also have new, simplified per-location pricing. If you’d like to learn more about our new releases and packages, fill out the form here, and our team will connect with you to schedule a consultation.

Woo-hoo! Are you as excited as I am?

Lots of exciting announcements—and I’m so thrilled to share them all with you. More importantly, I’m stoked for you to experience all of these awesome Reach and HEP enhancements and provide feedback. After all, your feedback has driven our development over the years, and we couldn’t have built such an incredible product without you. 

Because of your support, more than 10 million patients are managed through the Reach and HEP applications, and we’re sending more than 15 million messages per year across 5,000 clinic locations. So, thank you. We hope you continue to provide feedback now and in the future, and we’ll continue to do everything in our power to help your practice achieve greatness.

Thank you,

Scott Hebert and Ryan Klepps
Co-Founders of Strive Labs