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The COVID-19 pandemic hit the PT and OT industries like a wrecking ball. Practically overnight, cancellations sky-rocketed, patient loads diminished, and many clinics shuttered their doors to protect their staff and their patients.

Thanks to persistent advocacy, PTs and OTs were able to secure temporary telehealth privileges from many states and payers—even Medicare! This has allowed therapists to continue providing essential rehab therapy care without putting patients at risk. With these changes, PTs and OTs are beginning to take their first steps toward financial recovery—but they’re not in the clear.

In the 2020 Final Rule, CMS finalized an estimated 8% cut to PT and OT services—and it’s set to kick in January 1, 2021. A payment reduction of this size could severely harm the PT and OT industries in even the best of times—and these are not the best of times. This reduction could cripple rehab therapy clinics across the country—especially if PTs and OTs lose their telehealth billing privileges once the national emergency declaration is lifted.

Contact your congressional representatives and CMS Administrator Seema Verma and tell them to not only repeal these cuts, but also allow PTs and OTs to retain their newfound telehealth privileges. Download and send this free letter template today.